Design design, mold fabrication, and molding

This time, we would like to introduce our past achievements.
We want to make our customer’s vision a reality. from designing to mold making and molding according to the function and specifications.
Here are some of our achievements in integrated production.

Launched in 2021 The world’s first smartphone-integrated dermoscope manufactured by Derma Medical Limited Partnership.

【HD-1 Handy Dermo】

Molded products ”Handy Dermo” ABS/PC  silicon

    This product is shown here with the customer’s permission.

Smartphone with built-in app and case with dedicated mount
A product that turns a cell phone’s high-resolution camera into a medical aid.
A medical aid that allows skin cancer patients to examine their skin under magnification for early detection of tongue cancer.

Detailed product pages can be found at the end of this page.

Using the 64 megapixels of a cell phone camera, the
A revolutionary product that turns the cell phone into a medical aid with a dedicated application and a dedicated case.
In the rough flow of production, we mainly introduce the design from the meeting before mold making.


From order to delivery

From order receipt to meeting and 3D data design creation

Smartphone case (image)医療補助機

Smartphone case (image)


Initial structural drawing

Design mounts for existing mobile cases

(The case in the photo is an image.)

Mount design begins to match camera lens position and case
Set the lens to be used and the distance from the camera lens
We will ask about product specifications, such as the material to be sterilizable, etc.

3Dmoderu断片 Handy Dermo

We exchanged data and had several meetings to ensure that the specifications were met.

When a rough design has been created, it is necessary to
We will check and verify if the product shape is a design that can be transferred to the mold design, and
We will be happy to discuss this with you.

Two of the customer’s concerns about the design and how to resolve them are
How to assemble the molded parts to the thin-walled cell phone case
→We solved the problem by utilizing our experience in parts machining.
Slide arrangement of LED lighting with polarization filter ON/OFF function.
In addition, to add stability to the slide, I want to be able to hold the slide in place with magnetic force.
→The structure that can incorporate magnetism was added to the design to add stability to the slide and solve the problem.

Handy Dermo Medical Aids

After much trial and error, we arrived at the shape shown in the photo above.
The concept is almost finished, and the shape is confirmed by cutting or 3D modeling as a prototype.
This time, 3D modeling was used to further refine the details.

HD-1 Handy Dermo/drawing/CAD

Prototype 3D modeling

Prototype 3D modeling


Next, a silicon jig to be attached to this adapter (shown below) The material used is a material that can be sterilized because it is in direct contact with the patient’s skin, and it is also suitable for the sterilization process. Prototype for selection of silicon hardness

Silicon (produced by a subcontractor)

Silicon (produced by a subcontractor)

 Several prototypes were made to determine the dimensions of theinside diameter of the fit.Silicon (produced by a subcontractor)  

The contents of this page are excerpts, but we will proceed with production from the design stage through several detailed meetings. We will confirm that the specifications are met. With the final approved data The mold is designed and fabricated. After the mold is fabricated, the shape of the product is checked by trial molding.

After approval, the product is molded in-house and delivered. Since cell phones are constantly renewed This time, we have responded to a limited production quantity. The customer’s development ability and passion were very inspiring to us. We had many visits to our company and had detailed discussions with them. The most common lot size we receive per month is between 100 and 5,000 pieces. (The number of molded products that can be handled will vary depending on the size of the molded product, etc.) There are exceptions, but we will do our best to be flexible.


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