We measure the products which are difficult to procure due to the loss or disposal of the mold based on the actual item and carry out the cutting of the prototypes while ensuring the function and shape. Molding will be performed after the mold is made based on the confirmation of the shape. Depending on the product, we will deliver the products to the customers after painting, silk screening and assembling. (Reverse engineering)

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The restoration is possible by measuring the actual product even if there is no drawing.

Flow of reverse engineering

11 Hearing

Confirm the material, shape and the manufacturing method of the current product to check if there are any changes.

22 Measurement

Measurement is performed by various measuring instruments.

33 Correction

We will make corrections while calculating after molding so that the molded product will be the same as the current one.

44 Prototype/mass production

The prototype will be made and transferred to mass production if there are no problems.


Examples of the restoration of discounted items

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