As a manufacturing industrial company, we have a track record of “manufacturing” for 45 years and are mainly engaged in supporting the technological development research and R&D of industrial equipment manufacturers.

Design and manufacture of mold for small lot mass production
We are able to provide precision mold with a reasonable price within short delivery periods, as we are manufacturing cassette type aluminum molds while managing to reduce the size of the mold and shorten the cutting time.
Challenge to achieve precision-shaped injection molding
We manufacture products with higher quality. The three points, design, mold manufacturing and molding technology, are indispensable factors for achieving the precision.
Long years of experience in functional injection molding (engineering plastics, super engineering plastics, etc.)
We have rich experience in resin molding of various types of engineering plastics and super engineering plastics. We also accept the request for processing the resin materials which are rejected by other companies .
Cost competitiveness Provided
Since the mold is developed in-house, it is possible to flexibly respond to corrections and specification changes.
Integrated production system adopted to shorten the lead time
We carry out the entire process ranging from mold design to assembly in-house with an integrated production system.

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